Sam Killed the Bear is a band that thrives on bringing new life to the Rock music you used to love on the radio before beat machines and auto-tune began dominating the airwaves. We like to bring back the feels from yesteryear with a flair that keeps things fresh. We have played from Knoxville, Tennessee to Huntsville, Alabama. cropped-decal1.jpgWe’ve played from Nashville, TN to Atlanta, GA, and we aren’t stopping there. This March, Sam Killed the Bear will begin the March Down South EP Release Tour at JJ’s Bohemia in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and we’ll be travelling to Columbus, Georgia, St. Augustine, Florida, and finishing up in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out our Upcoming Events for shows in a city near you.

There’s never a moment when you feel that the band is simply fumbling through its influences—there’s a calculated and rather ingenious approach that they use to establish the world in which these sounds exist while also deconstructing the source of their inspirations. Sam Killed the Bear mixes classic rock swagger with an alternative rock vitality, creating a unique and utterly compelling explosion of noise and fury.

-Joshua Pickard,

On a personal note, we here with SKTB would like to thank you for taking time to check out local musicians. Not just us, but all musicians in your life, whether they are close CDgeographically or personally. We want to thank you for clicking play on your friend’s Soundcloud page instead of your 99th cat video. Try to imagine your life without music in it. Each and every band you have ever enjoyed has been there before. When a band (or even just a friend with a guitar) asks you to check out their ‘killer new single’ or listen to their ‘awesome new genreless band,’ they are trying to let you in on something that they feel is a special part of them, that nobody else could create in just exactly that same way. I want to thank you for supporting the process that affords us all the opportunity to listen to music that moves and inspires. Without the fans, bands are irrelevant.