He was a summer baby. Born to his shining examples of parenting powers that be Jim and Carol in the heated Ryan Killed the Bearsummer of ’88, he was set for a grand future. His path would cross many others and there would be a plethora of nearly insurmountable obstructions in his way. 

As a boy he was oft found gallivanting in the golden fields of Wonderyore. With his golden ladle and fiddle held high, he could be found singing praises to the sun and wistfully prancing into the toasted evening sunsets. That boy is now a man. That man now wields an axe. Bow to its almighty will!

He started the twiddles officially at the golden age of 14 and swiftly learned most pop punk cover songs in a few short months. Jamming with his brother and other humans SKTB Ryanthroughout the remainder of his adolescent life led him to believe that he could go very far, however he stayed close to home by playing local venues occasionally.

A true Jack of all Trades, he has played drums for Skinwalker, guitar for Elise and the Halcyon Subrosa, and performed daring vocal feats for Paralytic, in addition to several solo projects. Experiences in weirdness, galore. Now he is ready to be a friggin’ rock star.