Genki Genki Panic

The music of moody surf punkers Genki Genki Panic is dark and filled with shadowy crevices and ragged nooks. It has an air of danger hanging above its head, thanks in no small part to the band’s fascination with horror movies. Their songs are tinged with tremulous melodies and dense instrumentation that nevertheless feels light on its feet, moving from one rhythmic moment to the next without slowing down for a second. They’ve repeatedly demonstrated their ability to meld disparate genres into a curiously affecting and wonderfully atmospheric whole.

For their EP, “Spooky Finger,” the band doubled down on the sense of foreboding and created something incredibly distinct while genki2appealing to a communal sense of musical commonality. And nowhere is this more evident than on “Werewolf by Night,” one of the new songs from the EP. Imagine if The Ventures got worked up on mescaline and binged on classic horror movies, and you’d have a fair idea of what to expect. The band lays on the darkness and creepy vibes in a way that’s conducive to their sound and isn’t merely a fleeting spectacle that takes away from the music.

-Joshua Pickard, The Local,