You’ll miss it if you aren’t careful


Mayo’s is right around a corner. If you don’t know you’re looking for it, you might miss it. I visited for the first time on a Saturday night. The band on stage was playing Hotel California by the Eagles, and I asked the bartender the name of the band playing, to which she responded, “Oh, this is just open mic night, honey!”

The music was great, so I came back. Every Friday, this bar has live music. Every Saturday, an open mic with a full backing band. Throughout the lunch hour, they play a jukebox with great tunes from the 70’s through today. I loved the environment, and then I Mayo'sordered. Everything on the menu is worth the trip. The Cajun Chicken Sandwich is incredible. I order fries with cajun salt on the side. Mayo’s is best known for their burger, however.  Perfectly cooked on a soft bun, it’s one of the best in town.

Mayo’s is often overlooked, but with a decline in music venues in Chattanoooga, Mayo’s Bar and Grill could do a lot of good things to Mayos2bring real music to this city. There are pool tables and darts, hot wings and cold beer. Come out to see us. Check out our upcoming events for the next date. We’re always here bringing the best possible musicians we can fine.