“..one of the hottest local bands in Chattanooga.”

“In the last year, the people of Chattanooga have been given the gift of a new sound in the city. Sam Killed the Bear, while only a year old, has already earned a spot as one of the hottest local bands in Chattanooga.

The self-described “spawn of Asgard,” Jake plays bass while Austin plays guitar along with Ryan, and  behind them, hammering away at the drums, is Chris. These four friends have gathered a major following in Chattanooga’s music scene. Their pop punk influence comes through as reminiscent of bands like Incubus, Jet, Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer.

Their heavily melodic verses are paired well with hard-hitting, heavily distorted rhythms, the secret to their live shows’ electric atmospheres. With vocalizations that flow easily and poignant lyrics, its no wonder they have taken the city’s music scene by storm.

Austin and Chris met three years ago but only began playing together once Chris’ former band The Average separated. After the split they recruited Jake and Ryan to join them in what became Sam Killed the Bear. With Chris’ reputation and connections from his previous project, the band has been able to quickly build up a following in Chattanooga as well as surrounding cities.

Chattanooga’s music lovers should keep an eye on these four because surely the best is yet to come.

Sam Killed The Bear”

By Alex Ward