Specific Information

(or as specific as we currently have)

Hotel Rooms (for 4) & Tour Pass: Cheap hotel rooms with 2 beds and hopefully a pullout couch for 4 nights and a wristband for entrance to each show are included. Roommates will be discussed and (hopefully) agreed upon prior to the event. If you have a group of four or more and plan on covering your own transportation accommodations, the initial $50 deposit will cover Hotel Rooms (for 4) & Tour Pass to nightly events. If you have any specific requirements for your lodging, let us know.

Transportation Accommodations: We will be traveling 4(ish) to a vehicle. We’ll have a certain number of vehicles available, and seating will be a fluid situation. Designated Drivers will be necessary during points of this trip. We’ll get together and come up with a DD schedule for each vehicle. I haven’t worked out a specific reward for DD’s yet, but I imagine some sort of incentive is in order. If you have any specific transportation needs, please let us know.

Early Bird Merch Package: This package includes 2 stickers, 1 keychain, 1 coozie, 1 lighter, and an early release hard copy of the SKTB brand new EP upon its completion. This is simply an incentive to pay for both your Hotel Rooms (for 4) & Tour Pass and your Transportation Accommodations in one transaction. This saves us a little money in transaction fees, and also allows us greater flexibility when contacting venues in the weeks prior to the trip.

Hotel Rooms (for 2) Upgrade: If you prefer a little more privacy on your vacations, we can accommodate. This $50 upgrade package will reserve a cheap hotel room for 2 each night instead of a room for 4. With this upgrade, you will also have your choice of one bed or two and smoking preference (both depending on availability). If you prefer EVEN MORE privacy than that, you can purchase two of these upgrades and have a cheap hotel room all to yourself each night, you crazy capitalist, you.

I’m working my butt off to make sure this is an awesome event. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please let me know. Call or (preferably) text us at (615) 589-9667 or (865) 333-8108 with any questions, or you can message us through the Facebook Event Page. Let’s make some friends and memories.